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ETC's COVID-19 Status

As we look to the summer, we are optimistic that camp will be in session. With all the spring cancellations of school, sports, and other activities, camp is needed by all. Please be assured that we are taking the coronavirus situation and its potential impact on the ability to host our camp sessions very seriously.

As this is a rapidly evolving situation, we feel that one of the most important things we can do right now is to remain adaptive and flexible. Fortunately, we have a few weeks to watch how events progress and to determine how to move forward in the safest and wisest manner for our community. The health and well-being of your kids and our staff is most important to us.

It is our intention to host our upcoming camps, but we are keeping close tabs on the governmental recommendations as well as what other children's camps in our area are doing to ensure not only compliance, but to protect the health and well-being of our staff, your kids and everyone's families. We thank you for your patience and understanding in these uncertain times.

Read the guidelines at: COVID-19 State Guidance

We will keep people posted on the status of camps as decisions are made here, at the KidStage website, and on our Facebook page

Stay Safe and Healthy,
Ensemble Theatre Company