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Our Story

Like it says in our name, Ensemble Theatre Company is a children’s theatre company that focuses on ensemble performances. To us, this means teaching our kids that every role, every person, every performance is important. We work hard to make sure that every kid feels special while on stage regardless of the size of their role. Every student is given a chance to shine while simultaneously growing in their craft and their confidence. We have kids of all levels of experience yet everyone works together to make an amazing final product, as an Ensemble!

Ensemble Theatre Company A Professional Theatre Experience for Kids

Ensemble Theatre Company also believes that kids are never too young for a professional theater experience. We don’t dumb down the work because they are “just kids.” We believe that kids are capable of truly amazing things if they are given the chance to excel. Our students experience all aspects of a professional rehearsal process and performance. We emphasize the importance of professionalism, respect, creativity and collaboration. Because we never limit our kids, the final product is always as exceptional as they are!